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Kingston Backgammon Tournament Starting This June

One of the top backgammon tournaments to take place in the industry is the Kingston Backgammon Tournament. Thirty two of the best players in the game will be heading to the Spanish Court Hotel on June the 7th to compete in the big tournament. This year the event will be different, with everyone competing in one event as the women will not be competing in a separate event. (03/06)

PlayStation Announces Backgammon Blitz Arrival

Backgammon is an old board game that is still relevant today. Many people play the game for fun as well as for profit. The game is featured in international tournaments as well as online. Sony has just announced a new game for the PlayStation consoles titled Backgammon Blitz which will be made available this winter. (23/04)

New Regulation for the United States Backgammon Federation

The US Backgammon Federation is the governing body behind major tournaments in the backgammon community. Certain rules and regulations are in place to allow for fair game play but also to create a protective environment. A recent rule change has been made so that players can continue to enjoy the game in a fair manner. (10/04)

Hotel Owner Wants Backgammon

Backgammon is a popular game played around the world and tournaments can be found especially in the Mediterranean as well as clubs across the London area. With the game, backgammon has a big following and the championships are always based in an exotic location. However, one hotel owner would like to see the game come to his area. (11/02)

Backgammon Comes in Handy for Poker Pro

Gus Hansen is a top poker pro who has made a career playing poker online as well as in live tournament play. The pro has earned millions upon millions by being the best of the best but has recently seen a major downswing. The pro has lost $7.5 million this year alone, a major blow to the pocketbook. However, before poker, Hansen was a pro at backgammon. He is now using his backgammon skills to make up for his poker losses. (11/12)

New Backgammon Game Coming to PlayStation

The game of backgammon is one that is enjoyed by players of every age and nationality. The game is an age old form of entertainment and was originally played in board game format. But with the invention of the internet, players could eventually enjoy the game online, for fun or for real money gambling. The game is offered by many different gaming operators and now players can look forward to another backgammon option this holiday season. (14/11)

Wycliffe Brotherís Release New Backgammon Set

The Generation II backgammon set from the Wycliffe Brotherís has now been released and will be carried by GammonVillage. The new series was recently developed and GammonVillage will be offering the sets after the success of the first creation, the Generation I series. (18/10)

First Backgammon Festival Coming to Gibraltar

Backgammon is a popular game across the globe that is featured in tournament play. Players who enjoy the game like to play in tournaments as it gives an opportunity to showcase special skills in game play. Festivals take place around the world and top players will travel to compete in such tournaments. Gibraltar will be hosting their very first Backgammon Festival starting this weekend. (10/10)

Backgammon Player Dies after Gunshot wound

The game of backgammon is one that is age old and has been enjoyed for generations. The game is easy to play once the format and rules are understood. Parents have taught children and played the game for fun or even in tournament play. The game is one that is always enjoyable whether in board game form or online. (09/09)

Wisconsin State Backgammon Championship Running in Madison

Madison, Wisconsin has played host to the Wisconsin State Backgammon Championships for over a decade now the launch of the 11th annual event. The tournament takes place over several days and a total of sixty five players competed in the event. The Radisson Hotel played host the event and this is where local backgammon clubs meet each week. (03/09)

38th Backgammon World Championship Results

Backgammon is a popular board game that has stood the test of time for decades. Players can enjoy the game in board game form as it was originated or the game can be played online. Because the game is popular in board game form, players enjoy competing in tournaments when they take place. Recently the 38th Backgammon World Championship finished up and the winning team was from Israel. (23/08)

Kingston International 2013 Backgammon Tournament Results

The 2013 edition of the Kingston International Backgammon tournament is complete and Kynan Cooke has earned the first place finish of the Sterling Asset Management event. The tournament took place at the Spanish Court Hotel and Cooke was able to defeat Billy West in the finals to earn the first place finish. On the womenís side, it was Marie Legualt who earned the title defeating fellow player Nikki Franklin I the finals. (10/07)

Backgammon Case Leads to Panic Stricken Incident

Suspicion is common almost everywhere, across the globe. It is not surprising that many times, an instance can be taken the wrong way. This is exactly what happened in Circleville, Ohio. Authorities have now charged a local many with causing a panic involving a backgammon case. (12/02)

Play65 Backgammon Offering New Monthly Tournament Options

Play65 Backgammon is a top provider of online backgammon gaming options. The online backgammon option is a popular choice for online gamblers. Players have many choices at Play65 and the site is now offering new monthly tournament options. (02/08)

Sterling Asset Management Second Annual Kingston International Backgammon Tournament Results

The Sterling Asset Management Second Annual Kingston International Backgammon Tournament finished up last weekend and it was Alastair Macbeath who earned the first place win. Macbeath was able to defeat Bruce Levy in the finals to earn the $300,000 first place prize. (04/07)

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