Backgammon Case Leads to Panic Stricken Incident
Suspicion is common almost everywhere, across the globe. It is not surprising that many times, an instance can be taken the wrong way. This is exactly what happened in Circleville, Ohio. Authorities have now charged a local many with causing a panic involving a backgammon case.

The man, Christopher Hoover, visited a local Speedway gas station and decided to leave a backgammon case near the gas pumps. Not anything unusual, but apparently Hoover was acting suspiciously when he sat the backgammon case beside the gas pumps. Apparently those who were near the pumps thought the case must have contained a bomb and evacuations were made with a slew of businesses near the pumps.

Police investigated the scene after the case was reported and evacuations were made at local businesses. Officials were able to figure out who the man was after they traced his credit card, which he used for gas. Comments have been made over the instance on various news reports and one witness stated that the man had placed the case down after he tried to throw it in the garbage and he could not. It seemed toe the witness that the man had simply forgotten the case by accident.

The man will now have to face charges for an instance that he may not have tried to create on purpose in the first place. The investigation should continue and it will be interesting to see if the man will have to pay for this instance with community service or jail time, which it does seem unlikely, unless more information is released on this instance.

It is best to remain aware of surroundings and keep a sharp eye, but sometimes an incident may be a mistake or not what it seems.

- 2013-02-12

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