Backgammon Comes in Handy for Poker Pro
Gus Hansen is a top poker pro who has made a career playing poker online as well as in live tournament play. The pro has earned millions upon millions by being the best of the best but has recently seen a major downswing. The pro has lost $7.5 million this year alone, a major blow to the pocketbook. However, before poker, Hansen was a pro at backgammon. He is now using his backgammon skills to make up for his poker losses.

The pro has been playing backgammon for high stakes to make up for losing so much at the felt. According to a recent statement from Jean Philippe Rohr, the pro has been taking millions from fellow backgammon players. Rohr is a former football player who recently spoke with French media and stated that backgammon and poker have many things in common including strategy.

The former footballer mentions Hansen in the interview and stated that he was with Hansen during a memorable game. Rohr stated: "Gus was playing a live poker tournament and had to come down from the hotel to the casino - Rohr says - to show up on the second day of matches. But in the end he preferred to stay in the room to finish backgammon. Eventually his choice proved good idea, because it took up the game and won $ 2.5 million. "

It could be that Hansen is focusing too much on backgammon and not enough on poker. The wins and losses will certainly even out but you always want to be ahead. It will be interesting to see how Hansen fares for the rest of the year and if he is able to begin an upswing going into 2014. Only time will tell if the pro will be able to pull his head above water.

- 2013-12-11

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