Backgammon Player Dies after Gunshot wound
The game of backgammon is one that is age old and has been enjoyed for generations. The game is easy to play once the format and rules are understood. Parents have taught children and played the game for fun or even in tournament play. The game is one that is always enjoyable whether in board game form or online.

Players have many options to enjoy the game and many countries continue to host regular tournaments. However, as with any game, there can be a risk if your opponent takes the game a little too seriously. In the Bahamas, a twenty year old male is now dead after he was shot playing the game of backgammon.

The twenty year old is Alexander Joseph and the investigation into his murder is still ongoing. Police do know that Joseph was outside playing backgammon with a group of friends when he was shot. Three men were inside a Honda Accord and drove by, shooting Joseph in the process.

The victim was outside in the early afternoon hours when a fight broke out between Joseph and the man who ended up firing the shots. According to the report, the two men faught and then he was eventually shot. Most of the occurrence is still a mystery and police are still trying to determine the exact happenings during the time frame.

The instance makes one wonder if the two men had been gambling on a game of backgammon and one did not want to pay up or if the fight and shooting had nothing to do with the game of backgammon. Only time and further investigation into the instance will determine what actually happened and why the backgammon player was shot and killed during game play.

- 2013-09-09

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