First Backgammon Festival Coming to Gibraltar
Backgammon is a popular game across the globe that is featured in tournament play. Players who enjoy the game like to play in tournaments as it gives an opportunity to showcase special skills in game play. Festivals take place around the world and top players will travel to compete in such tournaments. Gibraltar will be hosting their very first Backgammon Festival starting this weekend.

The Minister for Sport and Leisure, Steven Linares, announced that the backgammon festival will take place from October 14th to the 20th. The first two days of the festival will see a qualifying event taking place. The qualifying event is being organized by a group of beginner players. The players would like to see the game become popular in Gibraltar.

The event is part of the European Backgammon Tour and will take place at the Caleta Hotel. The tournament will begin on the 17th and take place over four days. Matchpoint Tours and the European Backgammon Tour will be organizing the main tournament alongside the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority.

Gibraltar is working to create a policy that will develop tourism with sports and leisure events. The tourism board believes that fifty to eighty players will be competing in this yearís event. Local qualifies as well as other players from around the world will be able to participate in the festival as different levels will be available.

If the Backgammon Festival is a success, the Ministry for Sport and Leisure plans on hosting the event every year. Smaller competitions will be added as to the competition and the city will also host training and coaching throughout the year to help players learn more about the game. The city would like to develop the game into a popular pastime.

- 2013-10-10

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