Hotel Owner Wants Backgammon
Backgammon is a popular game played around the world and tournaments can be found especially in the Mediterranean as well as clubs across the London area. With the game, backgammon has a big following and the championships are always based in an exotic location. However, one hotel owner would like to see the game come to his area.

Jonathan Kaye is the owner of the Cedar Manor Hotel, which is located in the Lake District of England. Kaye would like to begin hosting backgammon tournaments and bring the game to his area. Kaye believes the game is very fascinating and not hard to learn. The hotel owner would like to provide knock-out tournaments that would take place in one day.

Kaye played the game for years while he was living in London and comments that if anyone takes a holiday to Spain or Greece will see that the game is very popular in these areas. The game can be enjoyed by anyone of any age and Kaye wants to know who might be interested in his area so he can begin to provide tournament play.

The game of Backgammon is one of the oldest in the world. The game is played in board form and playing pieces are moved based on how dice are rolled. The winner will be whichever player is able to remove all of their pieces from the playing board.

On a worldwide basis, the first backgammon championship took place in the late 1960s in Nevada and then moved to Monte Carlo where it stayed for a very long period of time. Players also enjoy the game online for both real money and fun play. It will be interesting to see if the hotel owner is successful in making the game popular in the area or if there is a lack of players available.

- 2014-02-11

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