Kingston Backgammon Tournament Starting This June
One of the top backgammon tournaments to take place in the industry is the Kingston Backgammon Tournament. Thirty two of the best players in the game will be heading to the Spanish Court Hotel on June the 7th to compete in the big tournament. This year the event will be different, with everyone competing in one event as the women will not be competing in a separate event.

Angella Brown Burke is the major of Kingston and she launched the first tournament just two years ago and called it a welcome addition to the signature evens of the city. The event will have several sponsors and mentioned how the game of backgammon is extremely popular and dates back to 2500 BC.

The backgammon players located in Jamaica are very competitive and come from all walks of life including business executives, innovators and entrepreneurs. Each player is very passionate towards the game and continue to be competitive during the tournament.

There will be several competitors in the tournament that competed in past events. Kynan Cooke was the winner last year and Billy West was the runner up last year. Mike Hirst was the champion in 2010 and 2011 and he will be competing as well. Other players competing will include Mark Mahfood, Eddie Azan, Gassan Azan, Alaistar MacBeath, Bruce Levy, Ruddy Armstrong, Joey Issa, Alistair Dance and
Frederick Moe, just to name a few.

The game has become very popular in Jamaica with the first major tournament taking place back in 1995. The first event was a great success and the city continued to host the events year after year as the game continued to gain in popularity. Strawberry Hill was the home of the event for several years before the event moved to the Spanish Court Hotel in 2011.

- 2014-06-03

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