New Backgammon Game Coming to PlayStation
The game of backgammon is one that is enjoyed by players of every age and nationality. The game is an age old form of entertainment and was originally played in board game format. But with the invention of the internet, players could eventually enjoy the game online, for fun or for real money gambling. The game is offered by many different gaming operators and now players can look forward to another backgammon option this holiday season.

It has now been announced that a game titled Backgammon Blitz will be launched for the PlayStation. The new game was create by VooFoo Studios, a company known for taking board games to the next level. The new game will be available on several platforms including the new PlayStation 4.

The game will be playable on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the Vita. Players who purchase the game will have the option of asynchronous cross-platform multiplayer gaming as the option was created to operate as such. The game was also created with new features including the Arcade Mode. In this mode, which is titled Blitz, players will find a new twist is added to normal game play.

The graphics of the new game are quite stunning, as a few snapshots have been released. A beautiful board is on display for the gaming screen in deep browns and light cream with very realistic movement and sounds. Players will feel as though they are playing the game live, though they will be in the comfort of their home on the PS3 or PS4 or on the go with the Vita.

The game is a definite holiday must have, especially for the backgammon fan. The game will be a great option to add to any holiday shopping list this season.

- 2013-11-14

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