New Regulation for the United States Backgammon Federation
The US Backgammon Federation is the governing body behind major tournaments in the backgammon community. Certain rules and regulations are in place to allow for fair game play but also to create a protective environment. A recent rule change has been made so that players can continue to enjoy the game in a fair manner.

The new rule change involves a legal moves rule. A person who notices an illegal play by an opponent can point out the issue. The opponent must then correct the mistake before the game is allowed to continue. This new rule will allow players to feel secure when an illegal move is made and feel as though they can speak up against the issue.

The current rule states that once a turn has been completed the player who is next to make a move will need to accept the play or require the player to make a legal play. Once a player has rolled the dice, the opponents play is deemed acceptable and cannot be changed. This is also the case if a player offers a double to start the turn of for themselves.

A legal moves rule in principle was endorsed by the Directors of the Federator and the directors have stated that the change in rules for legal moves would make the in-person and online play is available to be more consistent. This will align the US
Backgammon Federation with the National Backgammon Federations across the globe. Players will be able to get more enjoyment out of the game and feel as though they are competing the same as those on an international level. The new rule change is the only item on the agenda of the US Backgammon federation as of late and should only help those who take part in game play.

- 2014-04-10

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