PlayStation Announces Backgammon Blitz Arrival
Backgammon is an old board game that is still relevant today. Many people play the game for fun as well as for profit. The game is featured in international tournaments as well as online. Sony has just announced a new game for the PlayStation consoles titled Backgammon Blitz which will be made available this winter.

The game will be offered on the PS3, PS4 and the PS Vita console. The game will be an exclusive title for Sony and will only be available on the above mentioned consoles. The digital version will give players the allusion of playing in real life, with clear and concise graphics with sound and animation.

VooFoo Studios crated the game with a sophisticated design and the emphasis of the game was placed on the interface, making it easy for users to interact with. The artwork is basic so you will not be distracted with crazy colors or patterns. The game board appears to be most realistic as well as appealing to the eye.

The game will start as a trial version and then after approval will go fully live. Sony will also be offering a sync which can be used for cross platform play. The date for release was not announced but players can expect the game to go live sometime this winter. Along with the announcement, Sony stated that new gaming options such as Borderlands 2 bundle is also being released.

Anyone who enjoys playing backgammon, will enjoy this new game. Being available on several consoles, you will be able to take the game on the go or play it in the comfort of your home. Challenge your family members or friends or you can choose to play solo against the computer. The options are endless and you are sure to have a good time once you are able to download the new game!

- 2014-04-23

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