Wisconsin State Backgammon Championship Running in Madison
Madison, Wisconsin has played host to the Wisconsin State Backgammon Championships for over a decade now the launch of the 11th annual event. The tournament takes place over several days and a total of sixty five players competed in the event. The Radisson Hotel played host the event and this is where local backgammon clubs meet each week.

The backgammon club director, Bill Minser, commented on the way backgammon is a challenging game and how it is complicated like chess but is also random. The club, according to Minser, has seen players come and go each week with new people catching on to the game.

The state tournament is broken up into three different divisions: Open, Advanced and Novice. Players will be able to choose the skill level. During the championship tournament players were sent in pairs to compete in different matches. There are also side events that took place in banquet rooms. Players had to register and pay a $400 fee to compete in the Masters Event and then the winner would earn a $2,000 prize. Second place would take $880 although prizes will vary depending on the number of players competing.

Keene Marin was the director of tournament and was excited to see that players came from all across the globe to compete. Marin has worked with the tournament for two years now and stated that it was hard to watch the other players competing without being able to compete himself!

The tournament is very competitive and players want to be the last person standing. The competition continues and soon the 2013 winner will be crowned! The tournament will then come to a close and be back in action next year for even more great backgammon game play.

- 2013-09-03

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